Time Line Architecture, Inc

 Since 1999, Time Line Architecture has provided services in Architectural Design, Planning, Permitting, and Urban Design for a large number of projects and a wide variety of clients.  Our firm has one ambition:  To make the ordinary extraordinary.

 Architecture aspires to more than solving the problem of building: it lends dignity and beauty to human activity.  Design must transcend the boundaries of function and technical competence to achieve the art of architecture.

 Architecture is the core of our business.  The firm has completed housing projects of various types and scales, office buildings, commercial and industrial spaces. We have come to understand the design process because of this diverse experience.  And, in each case have created successful projects that are elegant, on time, and on budget.

 Planning defines goals and objectives at a large scale and identifies resources needed to turn those goals into reality.  Good planning ensures the feasibility of a project by devising an appropriate strategy for implementation.      

 Permitting allows projects to proceed.  Understanding the regulatory process at both the municipal and state level, we develop projects that consistently gain approval.

 Urban design organizes the conflicting influences and imposes a clear context for the design of individual buildings. 

 Our design work is based on strong conceptual ideas that give form to the building program.  The clarity of the ideas establishes a well-defined frame of reference.  The selection of building systems, materials, and finishes are made within an agreed upon context and thereby ensure the integrity of a design solution from its inception to the completion of a project.

 A successful building incorporates the requirements of its sponsor and provides delight to those who use it.  Repeat clients affirm our belief that design must be at once responsible responsive, and inspired.

 Time Line Architecture thanks you for considering our firm and looks forward to working with you soon.


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